BREAKING: Millennials Love Luxury


We all love a good millennial joke or meme, but turns out, they are spending more than their elders. According to a recent UBS study, they allocate about 20% of discretionary income to purchasing luxury goods.  US, China and Europe is fueling this growth.  

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A New Digital Travel Brand

You might be wondering why we took some time off from our blog.  Well, we launched a travel brand earlier this year and we have been busy.  I wish we could say it was from traveling the globe and researching the best destinations and resorts that it has to offer, but we will be ready when that time comes. Make sure to follow us on social and sign up for our editorial emails.

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Marriott Moves Into the Homesharing Space


Don’t be shocked by the headline.  Some other hotel brands have been testing the waters in the homesharing space like Wyndham and Choice.  Marriott have partnered with a third-party company to test the concept in London.  They are using a former Starwood brand, Tribute Portfolio, to market and promote the product.  The test is going to last for 6 months….but let’s be honest, this is here to stay.  

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Hotel Trends and Changes in 2018


The hotel world has been under disruption the last few years with Airbnb and the rise of technology.  However, many brands are evolving and launching new products and services to appeal to the modern traveler.  This article covers some interesting trends and changes that we will start to see in 2018.  


The End of Social Media "Dark Posts"


In light of the post-election controversy surrounding paid social media posts, both Facebook and Twitter are taking measures to increase transparency with their advertisements. Previously, ads only appeared on the feeds of targeted users. Now, they will live as physical posts on the brand/group’s page, and in Facebook’s case, even be searchable. Not only will this allow social media users to see who paid for the ads they are being served, but also marketers will be able to see exactly how their competitors are leveraging social media. It will be interesting to see how this impacts social advertising moving forward.

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Luxury Brands Dominating Mass Brands on Social


In a world dominated by likes, pins, shares, comments and digital engagement, luxury brands are outperforming mass brands.  According to influencer agency Hello Society, travel and fashion brands are stepping up their game on social.  For many years, luxury brands have been slow to move online as they  were concerned about breaking away from the glossy magazine ads that they could control.  Great to see these brands push into the digital world.

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AOL has some news…and you might be sad


This is sad news.  No longer can we use our high school football number in our IM username or ask out the pretty girl to a homecoming dance.  AIM was instrumental in many milestones and played a major role in starting digital communication.  It has since been replaced by Google, texting, poking and other forms of digital communication.  

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Google is Willing to Share


Share what? The data.  Google will start testing a new feature that will provide aggregated search data on consumers that will allow publishers to produce smarter content, maximize revenue and understand seasonal inventory.  However, there is a catch. Google will use this new feature to push their products.  In our eyes, this is really a war against Facebook as Google is all about the open-web whereas Facebook is app based.  

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Facebook Cracking Down on Random Monetization

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Facebook is implementing some new processes and standards to limit which publishers can monetize the Facebook ecosystem.  They plan on working with Media Ratings Council to help measure activity.  This will be another way Facebook tries (emphasis on tries) combatting “Fake News”.  

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Social Turning to Vertical Video


Vertical video has been relatively controversial over the last 5 years.  It seems that social and the data are changing the way advertisers and brands are leveraging.  Similarly, you are seeing companies like Buzzfeed integrate display advertising.  Everything in life comes full circle.

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Public Data…the Wild Wild West

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A very interesting US federal judge ruling against Microsoft’s Linkedin.  It will now allow companies to extract public data from Linkedin profiles.  This case is considered to have implications to other social properties where data and information is shared.  Companies who rely on publicly available data are very encouraged by this ruling.  I am sure this is the beginning of a long and highly-debated case.

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Bitcoin...We Like It!

N&W is very into the digital currency world.  There is no question that this is not a trend (just like everyone said about the internet a decade ago).  More and more businesses, institutions and financial companies will implement digital currency solutions and options.  Our recommendation: start reading as much as you can on digital currency.

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The Smile Curve (or should it be a frown?)


There is no question that traditional publishers have faced some significant challenges over the past decade, but this article does a good job of showing the paradox between content creators (writers/authors), content delivery (publishers) and content discovery (social/search).  Publishers do not really have the exclusive on anything.  The value has gone more to the people who can reach the right people and surface the content.

(Full Disclosure: The first 5-6 paragraphs are less relevant…stay with it…you will get to the good stuff).

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LUXURY: The Digital Decision

Digital is changing the shape and composition of the luxury segment (one of the main reasons we started North & Warren).  Brands have been slow to move to the digital world (away from traditional options like print), but the opportunity has never been so clear.  This article, published by BCG, looks at consumer behavior in the luxury segment.  Digital has a major role in influencing transactions (nearly 60% of all in-store transactions are influenced by digital).

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